The sartorialist was talking about the shirtdress as a spring essential.  For me shirtdresses are absolutely essential for all seasons. P.S. the photos he gave are not that convincingly ‘spring’, as bare legs are not really suitable for spring in some areas, at least in most of Europe.

I love this blue shirtdress (ZARA) and I’ve been wearing it throughout the year — in cold winter it becomes a shirt worn under a pullover. But apparently after two years it’s become quite worn out right now, shame. (You can’t expect something more durable at some 20 euros.)

The sartorialist最近贴出了“春天”感十足的衬衫裙组照。但衬衫裙可谓四季百搭,夏天可以光腿,春秋天可以加上丝袜,冬天还可以穿在毛衣里面。这件ZARA的蓝色衬衫裙由于穿得太多现在已经基本上没有形状了。后面的灰色衬衫裙的小绿领设计十分讨喜。

IMGP3844 P1040816


the spring/autumn variety (as you can see it’s become increasingly shapeless..)



this grey shirtdress with little mint collar (COS) is extremely wearable for all seasons too. The length is not that favourable for short girls like me, but it can be easily adjustable by a belt.




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