How to Keep Nail Polish in Place, is this a question?

I don’t really know why nail polish stays on my finger nails for ages. I mean, AGES. Sometimes it annoys me cause when I want to change a colour, I have to use tons of remover to get rid of the old one. Then after a discussion with C this afternoon during a picnic in the lovely Villa Torlonia (summer has definitely come in Rome!), I realized, the key is, probably, to do as little manual work as possible (is that under your own control?)..

So, C said she has to take care of her nails every 2 days, because she’s a perfectionist. Even the slightest chipping makes her crazy. Last time I painted my nails was almost 1 month ago, yes, on 1 April, that I remember clearly. And as you can see in the photo, newly grown nails at the bottom part are obviously ugly. But the manicure itself is just fine. I’m wearing one of the cheapest also (3.9 euro, OPI costs 13 here, for reference), nothing particular. This post says “to prolong the life of your manicure, apply a topcoat every other day.” I apply topcoat only right after applying nail polish and never bother to do it alone. But apparently, I’m so tired of this colour now, after one month…

和同学C谈论起指甲油的更新频率。她说她每2天都要重刷,因为是完美主义者。我告诉她我的指甲是将近一个月前涂的(4月1号),新长出的指甲很丑,但颜色完全没有脱落。她说可见你太少干活了…… 我用的还是最便宜的一种(市售3.9;OPI这里卖13),“可以持续7天”这种指甲油广告对我真是毫无意义。



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