Love, like and hate

Street style photos sorted:

Category 1 : love and love

Cool and simple, timeless and modern. I adore and usually would want to be like that. Examples:

Category 2: love but don’t think I can pull it off

Category 3: like

Category 4: no feelings

Category 5: nice, but don’t like cause it’s too serious, IMO

Although I do follow fashion blogs and stuff like these, I don’t really like fashion week photos. They are usually the very opposite of ‘effortless chic’; they are too efforts-taking and even exhausting, I feel. It’s no longer you wear clothes but clothes wear you. Of course, high fashion pieces are cool. But that’s all. They are cool on their own, most of the time the personality of the wearers are overwhelmed by the character of the clothes. This is not what style means to be. It means to be fun. Why so serious? Examples:

But there are also adorable photos from the fashion week, such as

Category 6: hate

normally I see these photos from Face Hunter (well there are of course good ones on Face Hunter too.. and no offence to the photographer or to those in the photo but I just couldn’t appreciate his perculiar choice from a style point of view)


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