flare jeans

It seems that people have an either-love-or-hate attitude towards flare jeans? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single lady wearing flare jeans during my one year and a half residence in Japan. However, I saw them almost everyday on the street when in Belgium. True, the style originated in Europe, but it’s a globalized world isn’t it? As a person easily influenced by the ‘trend’ (not good I know), therefore, I started to buy flare jeans only after moving to Brussels. How about you, do you still wear them or think they are too old-fashioned?




3 thoughts on “flare jeans

  1. 身材决定款型 日本人的身材矮腿型短粗 不适合flare jeans 以前看评论说意呆不是恨天高就是芭蕾平底 也是因为他们的女人很多是索菲亚罗兰那种人高马大的吧(猜测?)就南加来说 bootcut>skinny>straight>boyfriend/artist 我自己有一条蛮好看的flare jean总也找不到机会穿 (不穿高跟就没法穿啊)

    1. 你那么高,不穿高跟也完全没问题啊!比利时女人们都是平底鞋+各种没有形状的阔腿裤,喇叭裤。。毫无鸭梨。意呆女子其实偏矮的(也是南北有别,越往南越矮。。),跟中国差不多吧,但恨天高我没怎么见过,意呆太注重鞋子的美感,坡跟都很少穿(去年夏天在上海,坡跟那叫一个泛滥啊),见最多的是那种经典pumps。


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