Rouge coco in #25 vendôme

So I saw this beautiful girl wearing a vintage dress and this ‘retro’ kinda orangey-red lipcolour on the bus tram. And I was brave enough to ask. She was kind and was happy to show me her lipstick: it was rouge coco in Vendôme. I ran to Sephora the other day and got it. But, it turned out, it’s not orange at all! (perhaps because she was very fair and cool toned?) At best it’s kind of warm red. And depending on lighting conditions, sometimes it’s not even warm.. when it’s less warm it reminds me of NARS lipstick in Flamenco, which is a bit more muted and less opaque. Although different from what I wanted at the beginning, it’s a unique and pretty shade, I got to say. The longevity is impressive. I just went to an indian restaurant with this on and after a long and full dinner — involving different kinds of curry soups, naans, wines, yogurt and ice cream, it still left a quite intense stain on my lips. Lightly scented but acceptable (unlike the l’absolu rouge by lancome, right?).

IMGP0045 IMGP9987 vendome


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