Style profile: Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, 小JFK的太太,他们两人都在1999年的空难中去世了。她遇难时33岁。 #他们是漂亮时髦而倒霉的一家

引申阅读:Kennedy Curse, 关于肯尼迪家族一个世纪以来无数的离奇死亡。


carolyn-bessette-kennedy-346x520John F. Kennedy Jr. and Wife at Whitney Gala   10/10/1996. John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedyattachment-3-1carolyn2carolyn-bessette-kennedy1     km_cbk 


07  carolyn_bessette_kennedy_wedding_ring JOHN JOHN KENNEDY AND HIS WIFE CAROLYN IN NEW YORK cbk-3-1

carolyn bessette kennedy_style icon_tartan and sequins_3


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